New Art: Sea Foam

New Art: Sea Foam

Sea Foam /  © Megan Frauenhoffer / acrylic ink and glazing (2014)

Sea Foam

Acrylic Ink and Glazing


I finally finished an artwork for the summer! I’ve been distracted with post teaching wind down. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that vacations are a thing to take seriously and enjoy. This art was sitting at 90% finished for several weeks. That final 10% can be excruciating to process. This was one of those types of artworks that developed…

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Commissioned: Solomon Book Illustration

Commissioned: Solomon Book Illustration

It happens on occasion, but I do get hired to do illustrations for small press books and I love it. Usually the authors or creative directors give me a lot of autonomy and a great set up to work with the imagery. This project was commissioned last year and the book was published in January (yet another post that I didn’t get around to because of teaching). I was given a few copies for my…

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Missouri Fine Arts Academy

Missouri Fine Arts Academy

For the majority of June, I participated as a teaching artist at the Missouri Fine Arts Academy. For those that are curious, here is what MFAA is about as stated from their about pages:

The Missouri Fine Arts Academy (MFAA) is a three-week summer residential program for highly motivated student artists in visual arts, theatre, dance, creative writing, and music. The Academy offers an intensive…

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